“…you’re thrashing, you’re moshing, you’re singing, and you’ll be doing it all over again as soon as you’re done.” - MetalSucks

“Eradication comes down from the sky like a fucking A-bomb. Since Final Days, the band has grown into their songwriting, vocal arrangements, and their need to keep a thrash piece whole. Not only that, but you can feel the attention to detail and the painstaking execution of Eradication. And, so far, this is the Thrash Album o’ the Year.” -Angry Metal Guy

“War Curse are a vicious and over the top thrash metal band, from Cincinnati, Ohio, devout in their worship of the old masters. Having opened for Exhorder all around the country, and even shared a bassist on their upcoming record, this is a band apart.” - Metal Injection

This is thrash of the highest order and pisses all over the majority of albums that dare to call themselves modern thrash. With Eradication, War Curse haven’t attempted to reinvent the wheel. They have, however, unleashed an album of top quality songs, delivered with an unmatched grit and ferocity that has them standing head and shoulders above their peers and leaves them damn near untouchable. Is it too soon to name our album of the year?!” - Worship Metal

Overall, War Curse  delivers the goods on  ‘Eradication’, and I have no reservations about giving this a 10 out of 10.  I will go on record and say that this will be in the conversation for album of the year in about nine months. I can not recommend War Curse  enough to anyone who might listen.” - In The Pit Radio

This burns with a tone which screams instant acceptance for fans of aggressive, high energy thrash. Those within the frenzied following of Forbidden, Overkill, Testament and Annihilator will have no problem whatsoever in allowing this entry into both their ears and prized audio collections. A fantastic introduction to the band and their brand of top notch, dynamic, riff heavy, thrash.” - Cult Metal Flix

Eradication sets itself apart from the prototypical thrash album because of its intense need to inject melody/harmony passages throughout in a musically advanced matter, without pandering to the lowest common denominator.” - Dead Rhetoric


First weekend sales- 1630 physical copies sold
First pressing of limited edition white vinyl sold out

War Curse.jpg


“Final Days is a no-frills barrage of bombarding old school thrash metal that takes no prisoners” - Examiner

“If you like The Bay area early 90's bands like Testament, Death Angel and Forbidden then look no further as this has every thing you are looking for and more.” - Absolute Zero Media

“Crushing drums, riffs fast enough to rip time and space, and dirty vocals to match. There's very little left wanting.” - Glacially Musical

“If this came out in the eighties the world would have been in awe. In short these guys are raising an old flag and taking over with it.” - Merchants of Air

“This is thrash metal played the right way all the way.” - MetalCore Fanzine

"My only regret is not discovering the band sooner” - metaltalk.net 


2000 CD’s sold
3 runs of limited edition cassette tapes sold out (250 units)
300+ Digital album sales (iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon)